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Hogue Grip Grinding


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I used a surform cheese grater type rasp and curved tooth file for the rough cuts, then a 1" belt sander and half round files for the finish shaping.

but yeah...a dremel and file work great, too! :cheers:

Actually, I think you could do it with a pocket knife if you were a good whittler.

Lots of meat in the rubber so as long as you don't get all crazy you should do fine. And, if you really hose it up at least the hogue grips aren't that expensive.

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Yes! I grind them all to fit me.

Dremel tool with sanding wheel makes short work of the job. If you want to completely remove the finger grooves you will grind into the white nylon underneath. Other than being ugly I have seen no ill effects.

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I have a couple of photos that I could send you. The best part about grinding the grips is that I took some material off behind the trigger guard. This helps me reach the trigger better and get a higher grip on the gun.

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