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CZ75 SP-01 shadow what bullets work best


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That's always a subjective question. So far I have tried:

124 gr PD FMJ

124 gr PD JHP

147 gr PD FMJ RN

147 gr PD FMJ RC

124 gr Xtreme FMJ

124 gr Xtreme JHP

125 gr Zero FMJ

147 gr zero FMJ

Of all the loads I have tried I like the 124 gr PD FMJ the best. It's the most accurate load of all of them and I like the fact it's snappy enough to quickly put the sights back on target. I really like how the sights track compared to 147s. Groups consistently between 1.5 and 2" at 25 yards from bench rest. I couldn't tell enough of a difference between FMJ and JHP to justify the additional cost.

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My favorite is the 135gr Bayou with 3.8gr of N320 @ 1,145, soft and accurate, clean and doesn't smoke around 135-138pf, knocks steel down with authority..

I was looking into using bayou 147gr with n320, thats what I'm shooting now in my HK. Very accurate for me.

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