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Samson/Stag handguard problem?


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I have an early Stag 3G upper... had been using it in open, now I'm kinda thinking tac-optics. So I reconfigured it a while back with a variable optic on top and a set of rail-mounted irons on the handguard.

Works great, except... I can't keep the irons zero'd for anything.

I was blaming the irons, but then I noticed that the barrel isn't centered in the handguard at the muzzle end. In fact, no matter how much I tighten the cap-screws that "lock" the tube onto its collar... it moves.

Anyone had this kind of problem? Is there a fix?

Or... is it a call to customer service at Stag (or Samson)?


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I have a Stag 3G and yes, it is disconcerting to see that free float tube flex. You can crank on those collar screws all you want, it will still flex. I was told it was a function of the FF tube's length - too much leverage out there. In my case, the backing plate on my bipod mount would touch the gas block and string my shots. So, I slipped a shim in between the upper receiver and the FF tube at the rail. Seems to have worked.

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