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Practiscore - First Match Success. What's Next for PS?


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So we just finished up our first match using practiscore on Sunday.

We has about 70 shooters and 6 stages. Scores were compiled into ezwin before the last stage was put away. We are using nooks and the response was very positive from all users. We left the nooks on each stage.

Only minor issue was we had 2 accidental DQs entered into the nooks on a stage. At the time, I didn't realize that you can go into the shooter listing and un-dq a person. We did do paper backups for this match, so I just input those scores into ezwin and everything was good.

I built my stages and did registration in ezwin and used ezwin2ps to convert my database.

I installed a free app on the nooks called wifi file transfer to copy the .psc file over to the master, then synched up to all others.

I really can't think of too much that I would want to change about the program. I am curious what the developers are planning on as far as upgrades to the android software.

Thanks again!

Steve P

Rod & Gun Club of New Bedford

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