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Defensive Pistol Match SC Missouri 1 June 2013

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Big Piney Sportsman's Club

18012 Highway B

Houston Missouri 65468


The Big Piney Sportsman's Club is holding it's Bi-Monthly Defensive Pistol Match on 1 June 2013 starting at 9 AM.

You can enter multiple times as time allows.

50 rounds per entry.

Entry Fee $10 First Entry, All Additional Entries $5.

This is a Club Match. Rules are loosely based on IDPA.

No BOX barrels over 4" Ok.

No Steel Targets are used as activators.

Rimfire Division

BUG Division

SSR (Single Revolver Division includes moon clip revolvers)



The plan is to set up 5 Stages from the IDPA Course of Fire Library.

We have more of our new Modular Walls ready to use.

We will keep the round count to 50 per entry.

STAGE 1 BRAIN FADE (2005 Arkansas State Match Robert Ray)

Round Count: 6

Target: IDPA

Tgt. Distance: 1 yard >>

You have been to the range shooting and did not top off your concealed carry handgun. You stop for gas, and a stranger asked to borrow an ink pen from you. As you reach for your pen, he produces a knife. You start retreating as you draw fire 2, reload and fire 4 more.

STAGE 2 THE RACING CRACKHEAD (2008 Indiana State Match Jeremy Van Gieson modified by Lin Edwards)

Round Count: 6

Target: IDPA

Tgt. Distance: 7-10 yards

A crazed Bad Guy with a knife charges you threatening to cut you to pieces.

You draw and engage T1 thru T6 with one round each. They are set between 7 thru 10 yards, and represent a charging BG. Start with the furthest target.


Round Count: 12

Target: IDPA

Tgt Distance: 3 – 7 yards

You are home from work sick resting on the couch when some one rings the door bell then starts pounding on the door. You do not feel like answering the door and messing with them, when they kick open your door you react.

You start setting on the couch with your unloaded handgun on the coffee table infront of you. You load and engage T1 (In the doorway) with 2 to the body and 1 to the head. You move to the door where 3 more Bad Guys are discovered. You engage T2 – T4 with 2 to the body and 1 to the head.

STAGE 4 GET AS GRIP (UNK Course Design Source)

Round Count: 12

Targets: IDPA 2 with partial Hard Cover and 2 pair with hostages

Tgt Distance: 6 – 7 yards

Standard Exercise

Draw and engage T1 – T6 in any order Strong Hand Only with one round each.

Reengage T1 thru T6 Weak Hand Only with one round each.

STAGE 5 WRONG ALLEY (UNK Course Design Source)

Round Count: 12

Targets: IDPA, + 2 Hostages

Tgt Distance: 1 – 7 yards

You are taking a late night stroll when a group of Bad Guys try to rob you. You engage T1 & T2 in the alley at close range with 2 rounds each.

You retreat to P2 Left and engage T3 & T5 then move to P2 Right you engage T4 & T6 with 2 rounds each.

This should be a very good Match. Bring plenty of ammunition, and have a great day at the range.

Work on some friends, and bring them out with you.

The Range is located approximately half way between Houston and Raymondville Missouri on Highway B. Look for the Timber Frame Sign.


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