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Base Pads?

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I just bought a used Tanfo and it came with these base pads on old style .40 mags which I have already set aside for the new K40 mags, so my questions are these:

-are these the H-140 pads?

-will the Grams 9/40 spring/follower work with these?

-what advantages to the H-141 mags offer?


I have run these bases/K40 tubes with the stock follower and it can hold 19, but after #17, the follower gets jammed against the spacer. I assume the H-141's don't fill the gap below the spacer, but will the Grams follower work well anyway with either pad?

Thanks in advance.

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Those are older H141 pads, and none of the base pads fill that gap you are speaking of. If you load you mag (without a base) with 20 rounds, you will see that the follower will only enter the basepad on the last round. Its under so much pressure by then that it would be very hard for the follow to catch on anything.

I have a few threads on the other forum describing how to modify the stock follower slightly to work with the extended base pads.

The Grams 9/40 (aka FKT9-11) should work fine in these.

I don't understand the question about the H-141 mags...

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