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Frame Cracks


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I did some searching and found that some folks have slots cut behind the mag release. I just found a crack in my frame in the same spot, left side only. Also found one at the bottom of the grip area where the front and back of the lower frame are connected. Based on the previous threads, the cracks behind the mag release are not worrysome, but I think the lower one may be. Also noticed that my grip panel on that side wiggles a little, even with the screw cranked down.

The gun is a Match 9mm, approx 12k rounds.

The mag release crack is hard to make out in the picture, but you can see there is not a matching one on the other side.post-21505-0-48309500-1369344899_thumb.jpost-21505-0-05715600-1369344917_thumb.j

Should I worry about either crack?

Can they be repaired?


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