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The 2013 Noveske Rifleworks USCA National Championship

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The first ever USCA National Championship is in the works: The 2013 Noveske Rifleworks USCA National Championship.

The match will be in Florida Nov.15th - 17th. 280+ shooters over 9-stages. ROs shoot on the 15th. Shooters will shoot 5-stages on Saturday, the 16th, and 4-stages on Sunday, the 17th.

The list of sponsors is just being formed but Noveske, Wilson Combat, Magpul, Bladetech, Viking Tactics and a few more are already confirmed. We are very close to bringing on several more gun manufacturers. The prize table will get better day by day.

We're also putting together a "super squad" with several top 3-Gun competitors you all are very familiar with.

The match will be "formally" announced in the next week or so and the site will be updated. Registration is opening mid-June for non-sponsored shooters. I'll also keep this thread updated with details as they emerge.

Current Rulebook attached.

USCA Rulebook May 2013.pdf

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Man I am sooo last week! Who is the U.S. Carbine Association? Who started it? Where are all their matches? I am in area 4 and didn't even know it.

It appears that your "last week" timeline maybe accurate. I think that's the first time I'd seen a mention of the USCA.
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We are pretty new to the scene. We officially went live March 17th this year. We are a 2 Gun (carbine & pistol) league with a heavier focus on the carbine over the pistol.

We came into existence for a few reasons.

1) We love to shoot. The co-founders of USCA are competitive shooters. We didn’t have 3 Gun in our area but there were plenty of “Outlaw” 2 Gun matches. This got us thinking that there may be something bigger possible. See #2.

2) There are numerous 2 Gun (rifle and pistol) matches all over the country. Most run different rules. We wanted to find a way to standardize and unify these clubs. Clubs can become formally affiliated with USCA and run official USCA matches. We support our clubs passionately. If requested we will fly to wherever the club is located and help set up their first match, train their ROs and train them on our proprietary club and match management software.

3) Some people want to shoot more than one gun but aren’t ready to or don’t want to run shotguns.

4) The AR-15 platform has been on fire lately. There are a lot of proud new AR owners looking to run their ARs and we’re here to help.

5) There are a lot of guys coming home from the sandbox (Iraq and Afghanistan) and they are looking to keep their gun handling skills up. Two of our co-founders spent time in one or both wars (Marines and Air Force). We support our troops and welcome them to our matches. We’re happy to give them a place to come hang out with their friends and run guns on the clock.

6) We feel a like the time is now for a well-run, centralized, National 2 Gun league.

Since we’ve been “live” (9-weeks) we’ve added 6 affiliated clubs in Florida and run hundreds of shooters through USCA matches a month. We are also fielding a good bit of club requests in other states and looking to expand as fast as possible.

Also, we are currently in talks with vendors to create our own official USCA target. This will be finalized very soon and these targets will be used at Nats. They will similar in shape to USPSA and IDPA targets with slightly different scoring zones.

Nationals give us a great opportunity to place ourselves in front of the shooting community and let the nation see what we’re all about. Our goal is to create an environment focused on a great shooting experience that positively promotes our sponsors who give so much to the shooting sports.

If you know of a club near you that may be interested send them our way!

If you’re in Florida, message me, and shoot a match with us!

If you want to walk away with the title of the first ever USCA National Champion join us in Florida this November and make a run at it!

If you're interested in learning how to have your company represented as a sponsor, contact us!


Mac MacDonald

Co-Founder :: US Carbine Association, LLC

email :: mac AT uscarbineassociation.com

web www.uscarbineassociation.com

facebook facebook.com/USCarbineAssociation

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So this will indeed be a 2-gun match and not solely rifle?

It is indeed 2-gun.

It seems like the emphasis will be on rifle since the rules say "Courses should primarily be designed around the rifle".

In a typical match, what would be a rough breakdown of pistol to rifle round counts? In the match video above it seems like 80-90% rifle?

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It all depends on the club. Some are very heavy rifle and some balance it out between both guns. I just shot a local club match on Sunday that had 6 courses of fire and was about a 65/35 split rifle/pistol.

Nats will be approx 60% rifle and 40% pistol.

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Man I am sooo last week! Who is the U.S. Carbine Association? Who started it? Where are all their matches? I am in area 4 and didn't even know it.

Kurt me too, and apparently I'm in area 1. I live in central florida and never heard of them.

Who/where are the 6 affiliated clubs. I'd love to see if there's a match close to me to try.

Also who are the founders?

What range/club in New Smyrna beach?

What's the admission fee to the nov match?

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I'm there!!

....and here Jessie made me feel like a dink when I had no idea what this match was !!! Just launched a couple months ago....PFFFFT!!!

I'm no super squad'r but why ya gotta be so mean jessie ?! huh? WHYYYYYY?!

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They shoot 2 gun matches in Gainesville, Volusia, St. Augustine, and I believe Lakeland. I am not 100% that they are are affiliated with USCA. If not they likely will be soon.

This will be a fun match. I would like to be on the Super Squad. I always shoot better when shooting against people better than me. Shoot with a slow squad and it instills false hope!

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