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My experience with Refinement and Repetition


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I don't know if this is the right place voice my concern, but here is my situation:

I started shooting USPSA in August of 2012 shooting between 0 and 40 percent on my classifiers. I picked up Refinement and Repetition and with a bit of work started shooting a little bit above 60 percent. I stopped using the book and started to slip back towards 40. I figured I needed to use the book before Area One, and that's when things got weird.

I used the dry fire routines in my garage, and shot a 74%. I thought, maybe it was a fluke, or a lucky mistake. So I dry fired some more and my match was going great yesterday. Stepped into the box for the classifier, and visualized myself as an alpha gobbling shark monster, from one of Mr. Anderson's posts. I shot a 92.5% per CMCalc. We will see if that is even possibly right on the next update, but right now I am amazed. If so it will probably get flagged, but the run just felt amazing!

My concern is this- what form of voodoo or witchcraft is used in the production of the book? Is it possible that some GM dust is used in the printing of the pages, and that contact with the pages begins some sort of transfiguring process?

Are there any alternate theories?

I think I need to get the second book, or my classification is going to outrun my match performance very, very quickly... thank you Steve Anderson!

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