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Mag blew apart


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I was wondering if someone more experienced than me could possible tell me what may have caused this.

I have Kimber Stainless Pro LTE II with a 4in barrel. I have 180 rounds through it as of today and today I shot 100 of the total 180 so the gun is still pretty new.

My ammo is 230gr TMJ over 5.5gr of w231

My last shot using a MEC-GAR mag, the bang of the round sounded completely different. More muffled. I got a face full of what I'm guessing was blow back but not 100% sure. My shooting glasses deffinately saved me. Felt like a quick shot from a sand blaster gun to the face and the bottom of my mag blew out.

The mag is metal with a plastic bottom. The plastic is blow in peices and the mag spring got bent up some. The pistol it self doesn't have any damage to it.

The primer doesn't have a hole in it so it wasnt punchured. I just have no clue as to what caused this. I've reloaded thousands of rounds. Pistol and rifle. There were no interruptions in the loading of the ammo that was shot today. I suppose a double charge maybe? I do look in each case to inspect powder, but it is possible I could have over looked or missed something.

Thank you in advanced.

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Case failure? You are sure the case you are looking at was the last one fired? Had the same thing happen in my kimber, my buddy (I promise, I confess when I make mistakes) double charged a case, got brass in his upper lip and cheek, and blew the mag out the bottom of the gun. Mag didn't break, but did swell and wouldn't drop free.

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I did retrieve the brass. The case didnt split but there is a very deep crater from the firing pin. The only spent cases on the ground at that time were from my last 8 rounds.

I was leaning dowards a double charge but I don't recall stoping at all during the reloading. I'm loading on a dillon 550b. I use a rcbs charge master for setting up the powder dispenser so its a fairly accurate scale. But, I'm not gonna deny and say its impossible that I made the mistake of double charge.

I just never experienced this before. If It was case failure, the case would be split or pretty ruined?

I don't check any of the 45 brass cases for length. Should I start?

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