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PractiScore Device Shade Cover

Brian N.

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Making up 13 of these for the Area 1 Championship RO's this year:


Should help keep the sun off the screens.

Jim Tactay donated the material to the club. You should check out his holsters at www.tac-tech-cal.com.

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How did these work out? I helped score on 7" tablets at a local match yesterday and it was bright direct sunlight all day which caused a bit of a visibility issue...

They seemed to work out well at Area 1, and just recently the MGM Ironman.
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They helped a lot. You have to be willing to adjust your position relative to the sun, but when you do, it works fine.

We've done Area 1 now (13 stages + chrono) and Ironman (11 stages) with them.

One thing I'm trying to sort out now is a way to clean dust off without scratching the covers. A couple more matches without that and I'll have to replace the Defender covers.

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