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Primer Question


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I use the small rifle all the time. They seem to be soft and will flatten out at a lower charge than other brands (even well within book max). They've performed well for me other than that, and I will continue to carefully use them.

$40/k is steep for these, but in today's market you take what you can get. I'm hoping my stock lasts me through the scare so I can buy more at $20/k.

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I used thousands of Wolf primers with excellent results. I'm on my first batch of 5000 Tula lead free primers (SPP) and they seem just as reliable thus far.

These were the $20.00/1000 primers from all the way back last November. I think Steve is right...we may well not see that pricing again after the dust of this mess settles.

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You are a steely eyed missile man!!!

You saved me!! I was moments from taking them!!!! I mean moments!!

I bought 5k at Natchez.

Thanks so much!!!!

Excellent - we've got a local business trying to get $60/k for Tula and Wolf primers, plus all the GunBroker BS. I really hate seeing people being taken advantage of, glad you got some at a better price. :)

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