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Limited Nationals - What's a first-timer need to know?


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My 13 year old son got an invite from USPSA to shoot Limited Nationals in St George, UT in Sep. I asked around my local clubs if there were any unallocated slots and sure enough, I found one, so we both get to shoot.

Wondering if anyone who's done nationals before has any tips for what to bring, how to bring it, how to prepare, etc.


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Yeah, I won't tell you either, newbie...... ;)

Oh, wait... I forgot I'm a nice guy.

I'll let you search for general nationals stuff and travel stuff and try to give you a few tidbits of specific new shooter/st george advice.

1. bring twice as much ammo as the published round count, or more.

2. st george (and the west in general) has highly variable weather. It can be dusty, windy, rainy, hot, cold or all of the above within a pretty short period of time. I'd be prepared to bag my gun between stages if the wind/dust kicks up, and bring cleaning equipment for guns and glasses.

3. plan plenty of time to walk the stages before the event. Don't try to plan every stage, just look for key gotcha's, sweet spots where you can see lots of targets, and get a general overview.

4. Relax and have fun. Don't panic. If you experience a problem with your gun, don't panic. It's better to zero the stage than to panic and do something that gets you dq'd.

5. If you feel nervous or freaked out, start slow and conservative and safe, and just work your way into it.

6. chrono the exact batch of ammo you are planning to shoot a week or two before you leave. Try to do it in similar temps as what you expect in st george. Adjust if you need to.

Have fun. See you there.

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