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Do We Have A Versa Max Photo Thread?

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My recently acquired VM Tactical, sans mag bracket, in stock form - 9 round capacity (8+1 in chamber). I am awaiting a CA full-length magazine tube.

Fantastic shotgun. Amazingly soft shooting, even with 3" magnum high-velocity rifled slugs. Fires very rapidly and reliably with a wide variety of ammo types. I see this design as a real home-run semi-auto design for Remington. I believe we will see a good variety of shotguns based on this design, including several hunting versions, camo, 3-gun, 24" Tactical, police versions, and probably, a walnut furniture version for sporting clays.





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Here's mine...Just got it back from Remington, had to have the barrel replaced due to being bent. Only took them six days from the time I shipped till the time I received it back with a new barrel. It shoots straight now - very happy with their customer service regardless of their initial shoddy QC.

Multi Gun Family Photo:


Load port after I opened it up to make quad loads easier:


My home made Kydex spare shell carrier (made before I saw the new match saver design on the market)


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One more.


As you can see this was the best way I can figure to install it due to the shape of the forehand. I wanted it to be at the same level of the chamber. You will understand better when you have the product in your hand and play around with it. Try the velcro first to get an idea where you want it then drill through for your final place. It works great, cheapest way to save time.

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