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I have had a z6i for a couple of years now, shot it on a few different rifles, and worked up a few different loads for it. Every time I plug my velocities/BC/etc into the software it makes a nice little range card. However I have found it is usually more than 100 yards off from the actual range card I make.

My 55gr and 77gr loads both shoot at 300 yards at the mark swaro's calculator gives me for 400? Same for most practical 3gun ranges. I have checked units everywhere to make sure they agree. I usually shoot all my zero round over the chrono and and a 10 shot separate string. Calculate average velocity from both and see how much they agree. Then use the average of the 2 if they are close to calculate.

I am using the published BC's and have even gone as far to put in the altitude etc.

I am about half way through Brian Litz's book and haven't started playing with the included software. Honestly I may have to read it again before I get it all. I have never been a sniper/precision guy and basically learned how to reload from this forum and youtube because I wanted to shoot more.

Ok, now that you read all that, what I'm asking is has anyone had similar experiences with this software? Or am I doing something wrong? It's on my pc and my iphone and it would be really handy to dump some wind and range data in on the spot at a match and get a hold.

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Are you using 2.7 for your height above the bore you should be. How about velocity is that from your own chrono or what is listed in the reloading manual. Chrono your loads. Swaro's program has always been on for me. Also put in your altitude and temp.

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I've used a number of different programs, including the JBM online calculator (which is arguably the best) and find that none of them are 100% accurate. It depends a lot on your rifle and your load and how much your muzzle velocity changes and a couple dozen other little things.

At the distances you are working in, there shouldn't be any huge differences from the calculated value, but they are unlikely to be 100% on. There's no substitute for reality.

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Yeah, I'm good now... It's +/- 15yds from what I'm seeing in actual testing.

JBM's is slightly better, since it accounts for the BC changing with velocity, whereas the Swarovski one only uses one BC for all velocities.

Doesnt really matter much until you get pretty far out though.

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Hi Tyler,

I load using 75gr hornady BTJHP. Chronoed with magneto speed. The G7 and G1 BC's that i use still looks pessimistic in my Swaro Ballistic and in my KAC bullet Flight SW. Maybe i'm not setting all parameters well. I just rely now more on my actual DOPE than software. upto around 250y software is ok. 300 up SW suggest more drop but actual has less. Plus it is tough to tell i.e 0.4mil from 05mil to 0.6mil in that 1-6x swaro BRT.

my ave velocity in mt 18 noveske is 2577fps. 23.5gr of Varget with OAL 2.245. My zero is 100y and i use tall Larue mount with Height above bore of 2.9 inch. I used a BC target here in hOtlanta around 70deg. I used a vectronix rangefinder to find range and i shoot them prone with rest. I used the G7 value of hornady 75 of 0.189

Here's what i got.

75-150y i can hold zero

200y is 0.4 mil

260-270y is my 1mil

300y is about 1.3 mil

350y around 1.6 mil

400y 2.0 mil

In my KAC and Swaro ballistic, It tells me that i have to hold 1.8mil for 350y and 2.4mil at 400 yards. too much.

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Those calculators are only for those times you can't go actually shoot the distances.

For my Swaro Z6i BRT reticle I zero the first hash at 300. I'm a little high at 100 then I use the BDC at 400, 500, 600 on the next marks down respectively. It's close enough for the big targets we see past 300.

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