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Hello Forum. Greetings from the Western Slope, CO


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Greetings - I've been lurking a little while here on the forums, reading posts on training and techniques. I thought it was about time to start participating.

Background - I grew up shooting with my father back in southwest Ohio. He ran USPSA matches at his local club along with a group of guys that also shot what they called Friday Night Steel. In high school and college (mid-late 90's - early 00's), I traveled with my Dad throughout the region to various matches and shot a few, too. I never was registered with USPSA and just shot unclassified. I think I learned a lot from my father and his shooting friends, but life changes constantly.

I moved away from Ohio chasing career options and currently reside on the Western Slope of Colorado. Up until last year, I had not handled a firearm in over a decade. I started shooting at a local club within an hour drive from where I live. The club formerly held sanctioned IDPA matches, but now runs "outlaw" 3-gun and "action pistol" matches monthly. The matches are known for high round counts (30+ per stage) with IDPA-like rules. There is a small group of good people that participate in the club, run the matches, and design the various stages.

Currently - Just shooting the matches at the local club in the past year has improved my skills considerably and it feels right to just be back around the culture. I've recently started to get a little more serious about regular training, and I'm seeing marked improvements from my efforts. I've picked up a few books from Stoeger and Enos and am now settled into a regular dry-fire practice routine. I'm also working on my mental game, as for me that is a big part of how I do at the local matches. Lastly, I'm trying to improve my gear set-ups and competition firearms. This forum has been a great asset to my endeavors. Thank you.

Lastly, I've become involved in stage design and range officer duties for our local action pistol and 3-gun matches. It's fun to build stages that the shooters appreciate and that build skills I need to work on. The club has a good supply of various steel & paper targets and props that allow for somewhat elaborate stage design. I'm considering approaching the club to affiliate with USPSA. I've yet to really discuss it with anyone at the club, but sense through conversation that it might not be so well received. I'd like to participate more in USPSA. I think it would be rewarding to work my way up the ranks, have all my efforts count for something that sticks with me, rather than simply shooting outlaw matches for fun. Unfortunately, the closest clubs that are USPSA affiliated are 3+ hour drives away.

Well, that's about it for an intro. I plan to start a range diary and look forward to participating with the forum. I know that this will add to my learning and development as a shooter. Thanks, again.

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