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Speer 65 grain gameking spitzer boat tail load

Bob Kennedy

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Being experienced in pistol reloading I have no experience with rifle rounds.

I have found and prepared the brass. Found the primers wolf .223.

I found a decent buy for some .223 bullets. Speer 65 grain gameking spitzer boat tail.

I cannot find any reloading data on this bullet for CFE 223 or ARComp powders.

I have searched the powder manufacture and bullet manufactures websites but have found nothing. I have found web responses saying use a smaller bullet load and work up. Found another article saying not to to use the smaller use the heavier load and work up.

I do not want to blow up a brand new rifle.

I just need a safe starting load to start working this round up.

So I have come to the experts.

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The Alliant manual has ARComp loads for 68gr and 69gr bullets of similar shape. You can safely use the load for a slightly heavier bullet (not true for a slightly lighter bullet). Keep in mind that the Alliant manual only shows Max charge so Start load would be 10% less. I use CFE223 with a 62 gr FMJ but don't have my load data with me.

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The 65gr Sierra Sierra Gameking is a great projectile. Sierra told me you could use 63 grain data fore working up loads. Start low and work up.. I have had great luck using H335. Would love to hear your results.

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