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Difference in capacity with a 140 mag?

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How many 9mm rounds can I get in a 140mm S_I, XDM, M&P? I'm running a G34 for 3gun right now and I get 22 reloadable with TF brass basepads. I'm thinking of getting another Glock because I can just dump it and go but if I could get a couple extra rounds in the mag I might go another route.

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Try Arredondo extensions. I have a Brass Taylor Freelance for my Glock 22 and also have 3 Arredondo's for the G22. I can get 20 rounds reloadable with the Taylor, but I really have to slam it home. Now that my Arredondo's are broken in, I can get 21 reloadable with them. I let a friend of mine use a couple of my Arredondo's for his Glock 17 and he was getting 24 reloadable with 9mm.

I had the extensions for about 2 months, and used them at the range 6 or 7 times in that time frame when I discovered by accident that I could get 21 rounds of .40 in them. I reloaded till full without counting, and then when I unloaded after getting home, 21 rounds came out.

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