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SX3 922r


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Hello everyone, I own a SX3 Compact 26" which I really want to add a Nordic mag extension to. Since these are imported shotguns I was wondering what everyone is modifying to make them 922r compliant (Legal). I am unsure of the number of imported parts the BAFT considers the SX3 to have. I have been meaning to write the BAFT a letter about this but havent gotten around to it yet.

My guess on imported parts is: 16 Imported Parts

27 C.F.R. 478.89 lists 20 parts:

(1) Frames, receivers, receiver castings, forgings or stampings

(2) Barrels

(3) Barrel extensions

(4) Mounting blocks (trunions)

(5) Muzzle attachments

(6) Bolts

(7) Bolt carriers

(8) Operating rods

(9) Gas pistons

(10) Trigger housings

(11) Triggers

(12) Hammers

(13) Sears

(14) Disconnectors

(15) Butt stocks

(16) Pistol grips

(17) Forearms, hand guards

(18) Magazine bodies

(19) Followers

(20) Floorplates

Since the magic number of imported parts is 10, I need to change out 6 parts?

I know Nordic makes a magazine follower, so thats one American made part to swap out. A Briely extended choke covers the 'Muzzel attachment'. Adding a mag extension does not remove the imported stock mag tube... so I still need 4 other parts to swap. It is my understanding that the FN SLP is assembled in America, thus 'American Made' (not imported), but I believe most of the parts are made in the same place as my SX3 (overseas). Are there any SLP or SX2 Practical parts I could I swap out like the trigger group (4 parts)? I have searched long and hard for answers but I have had no luck with advice about what I should do to keep things legal, any help would be greatly appreciated!

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Yes it is a Winchester. Heres a quote from Winchesers website "Both the Super X2 and the newer Super X3 are made at our partner factory in Belgium, with additional assembly work done in our Portugal plant.".

The FN SLP is assembled in South Carolina, thus making the 'American made' and allowing for their factory mag tubes to hold over 5 rounds and be sold @ your LGS.

Basically with an imported shotgun like a SX3/Benelli/etc. as soon as you add a mag extension without replacing enough imported parts you violate 922r which is either a Misdemeanor or Felony (not sure but I dont want either). Posession of a weapon thats in violation of 922r is NOT illegal, but the gun is contraband.

Read up on 922r here: http://home.comcast.net/~navy87guy/home/922r.html

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The 922R only really applies to manufacturers and dealers. Once you buy it you can add tubes etc as long as you don't get involved with NFA stuff like under 18'' etc.

I do not believe this is true,

Why would 922r not apply in the same way to these hooked up 3 gun shottys as it does to imported AKs/Saiga12s in their imported 'sporting configuration'. With those you have to do a 'conversion' to use a higher capacity magazine. Granted most of the required american made parts come from moving the trigger group foward but you never the less have to deal with the imported parts count BS.

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Its my understanding that the law really isn't enforced by itself, more of a tacked on charge to another crime. So my concern is that since its currently my HD shotgun if I am ever forced to use it and it is subsequently examined by the police it would be found to be in violation of this stupid law. I could potentially skirt the misdemeanor/felony of 'assembling' it by having a gunsmith install the exteded tube, but until I make it 922r compliant it would be contraband and I would never get it back from the police (assuming I wasn't guilty of murder of course).

Also I realize it would be cheaper to buy a dedicated pump HD shotgun than replace the trigger group (with an SLP trigger group, if that is even an option) but I still would prefer the peace of mind knowing the extended tube on my SX3 was legal.

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The 922R only really applies to manufacturers and dealers. Once you buy it you can add tubes etc as long as you don't get involved with NFA stuff like under 18'' etc.

That is very wrong and could land someone in jail. 922R as it applies to shotguns has not been enforced much at all but that could change in a hear beat. Write BATFE a letter for legal clarification.

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Extended choke, follower,extended bolt release? Could always get a shorter vent rib fn barrell and floor plate? And maybe a american made gas piston...name isn't coming to me at the moment but it seals up your piston also

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I think the FN barrels are also imported. Anybody got a FN 24" VR for their SLP and can check?

Practically every part on the SLP is manufactured outside of the US. So since assembling the imported parts in America makes the SLP American made I wonder if I could just swap trigger groups with an SLP.

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I have a Winchester SX3 also. With US made chokes x4; Nordic: mag tube, mag cap, follower and magazine spring, bolt handle; Hi Viz fiber optic front sight. Sadly the raw score for US-made parts only covers a couple of the listed categories.

It says Winchester on the receiver. I doubt the average cop on the street is trying to find CFR import compliance issues when he sees other good guys on the range. Heck, I seem to squad with 2-5 cops and DHS agents almost every Saturday.

Please let us know what you hear from your query to ATF.

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Does 922r not allow several certain attributes so if you do not have a pistol grip stock you can use an extended magazine?

On the Benelli Forums they were looking for straight stocks so they could add magazine extensions without violating 922r.

You may want to start by reading 922r and going from there.


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