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Bayou 155g WST loaded long major?


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I was lucky enough to get some WST from powder Valley when I noticed things were getting scarce after Christmas. I would like to load major power factor with 155g Bayou bullets and WST. Hogdon max load for jacketed is 5.9 grains near 170 pf. They show another jacketed 155g load with Hornady XTPP maxing out at 5.3 grains (much lower). Can I load a little long and get major with Bayou 155g bullets?

Hogdon also showed a max for 231 at 6.0 grains.

I have Universal and WSF but have hopes for a good load with WST. I have tried Universal loaded short and it recoils pretty good and feels hard on my STI Eagle 6".

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You shouldn't have any problem. I have used up to 5.5 grains of it with Precision 170's loaded to 1.160, and got a PF of 172. Guys use it to make major with pretty much all of the various bullet weights in 40, especially when loaded long. Just start low and work up using a chrono, you shouldn't have any problem. It's certainly much better than Clays, which some people use to make major as well.


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Thank you Croomrider for the reassurance. I was getting worried I was suggesting something you only would try after smoking quailudes. I never do that but have seen some replies on forums that suggest this is a regular occurrence.

I'm not sure how long I can actually load but I can start with 5.3gr easily if I can load as long as 1.160" and go from there.

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I went to the range and tried a load workup in 90 degree temps shaded. High load was...

5.86g WST

OAL 1.200

155g Bayou .40 cal RNSWC

Wolf SPM pink primer

AVG 1086

Hi 1110 fps

Lo 1071 fps

ES 39 fps

SD 12.3 fps

It looks like I have a margin of safety to go higher. Primers look just like 5.3 grain load, no flattening. Still need to check accuracy. I expect inverse temperature sensitivity so loads could get hot in the winter.

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Went back and tried 6.05 g WST and saw some primer flattening and recoil feel was stout. All my long loads that meet the chrono test for major PF recoil more than short loads used in my Sig X5. This with the Sig loads fired in the STI. I admit being an STI newb but I want to look for a shorter load that still feeds. My 6-inch eagle seems to feed short stuff with no problems so I am encouraged to try this.

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