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Information for making blanks


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I've looked through my books and can't find any information for making blanks. I need to learn more for Cowboy Mounted Shooting competition. This isn't the same as Cowboy Action Shooting. You use the 45 long Colt but you are shooting blanks at balloons.

Any info would be appreciated.


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I would assume that the blanks used are very much like World fast draw blanks. Here is a video of Cal Elrich loading blanks. He uses 1F black powder and the "Kicker" that he talks about is a little smokeless powder before the black powder.

The thing that is not mentioned in the video is he uses a piece of primer box cardboard for the wad on top of the powder. He uses an empty 45LC case as a punch and a mallet to punch out the discs to wad the blank. Then he uses fingernail polish to seal the top. I found the other vid.



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You can buy blank 45 Colt brass from Starline or make your own. The only difference is the size of the flash hole. Years ago before Starline came out with this brass we used do drill the flash hole out to 1/8". The reason for this is to keep the primer from backing out. If you don't drill it out the primer will back out just enough to lock up your cylinder. Next pack the case full of black powder substitute like Pyrodex. You can use black powder but little dirtier and harder on your gun. The big matches usually use black powder in a crimped case which has a little more range. Next just place a cardboard cap on top of the powder and your good to go.

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