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Case Crimp Setting


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I am trying to put a number that i can measure to help setting up my 550 press. I am loading 223's with Montana Gold 55 gr FMJ with the cannelure, in setting the crimp die how much if any reduction in outside diameter (difference between measuring mid neck, measuring at the crimp) should i get when setting the Lee crimp die. I am using this in an AR for 3 gun.

Thanks for your help


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I just followed the directions that came with the lee die, and it worked for me. What didn't work was the sizing die. Make sure you dry cycle a few thru the gun before you load a ton that won't extract.

I'm using a taper crimp now and it works good with a .002 reduction measured from after bullet seating to after crimp. I always give them the thumb test. Measure with caliper, press round against bench firmly with thumb, measure again if it moved, duct tape, no more crimp.

With the cannalure I thru the OAL away and made sure that the seating looked just like factory rounds with just a tiny bit of the cannalure showing. This improved accuracy a bunch.

Developing a good load takes time, I loaded 10 rounds with BLC(2) from 26gr to 28.1gr stepping .2gr. Shot groups till they tightened up at 100 yards, turned out 27.1 was the charm. The 28.1 I got from Hornady was a bad load, the cases stuck in the rifle and had to ram rod them out. It did prove I had a good extractor cause it tore the rims off.

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I just posted on your other thread.

Coco gave you good advice!

If you gonna shoot 400 yds you need to know a hellofabunch about match AMMO. And maybe a Bullseye Shooter to help you. JMO

Be SAFE, and keep that big knotty thing on top the AR alined up straight.


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No doubt having the proper neck tension is essential and I'm sure with a bolt gun I could be comfortable with only that but when my AutoLoader starts slamming rounds into the chamber I feel like I need a little more portection from set back, maybe I didn't get every molecule of lube out of the neck..

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