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WCC 844.... Anyone have reviews of this powder?


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Hello everyone,

So my dad and I were cleaning out the garage and we found a few jugs of this WCC 844 surplus powder and was just wondering if anyone still uses this stuff? I have read that it's similar to H335 but I would like to see what others have used it for besides the suggested load on the jug for the m856 orange tips.

Any help would be better than no help. Thanks.


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I found this chart on the Internet while researching military surplus powders.

You should try to find a reliable load-manual to cross-reference these loads and ensure they are safe.


Use at your own risk: I cannot verify the source or accuracy of this information.

Also each lot of surplus powder may vary in potency, so be careful.

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I have loaded and shot about 100 pounds of the stuff over the years using minimum H 335 loads to start. The powder appears to have a slightly faster burn rate as in my experience it produces less velocity with higher pressure signs then H335.

The other poster that reported variance is accurate in my experience as well. I have always taken all the jugs I had and mixed one large batch to help get it consistent for how many ever pounds I have on hand. Make sure it is all WCC 844 before mixing.

Accuracy has been acceptable for me

If you are uncomfortable loading this old powder I am sure there are many people local to where ever you are that will take it off your hands.

Good luck with the powder.

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