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4 May 2013 Steel Extravaganza South Central Missouri

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The Big Piney Sportsman's Club will be holding it's bi-monthly Steel Handgun Match Saturday 4 May 2013 starting at 9 AM.

The Range is set up for tomorrow.

STAGE 1: Open Range 2 Boot Targets and 2 Reactive IDPA Silhouettes that come out from behind cover when the Boot is shot. 6 Rounds

Brand New Targets

STAGE 2: You have an IDPA Silhouette behind a NO Shoot Silhouette on the Swinger, that is activated by one of the two Pepper Poppers going down.

4 Rounds Minimum

STAGE 3: Texas Star. 5 Rounds Minimum

STAGE 4: A Double Fan of Tomb Stones. 5 off the Left Barricade, and 5 off the Right Barricade. 10 Round Minimum

STAGE 5: “Turn & Drop” Dueling Tree set on the Full 11 Stations. 11 Rounds Minimum

STAGE 6: 8” Plate Rack. 6 Rounds Minimum

We will be serving Grilled Ham and Cheese Sandwiches for lunch.

The Range is a little soggy after the rain. Per Accu Weather it should not be all that bad tomorrow. Slight chance of a shower with .03 rainfall at some time during the day. Temperature should climb to almost 50.

Andrew and I completed the range set up about 4:30 PM.

I am bringing both my 64, as well as my 610 for tomorrow.

Bring Hearing Protection and Safety Glasses for everyone in your party.

Range Location:

Big Piney Sportsman's Club

18012 Highway B (Half Way between Houston and Raymondville on B Highway)

Houston Missouri 65483

Bob Cel 417-217-1717

Web Site: http://www.bigpineysportsmansclub.com/

See You at the Range


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