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Filing the Proper Angle on a 1911 Thumb Safety Tang

blind bat

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I purchased a Wilson Combat cast, ambi, thumb safety and tried to fit it to my Dan Wesson Valor. The part comes with a round sear tang. I tried to match the angle of the original (beautiful barstock) part but failed miserably. It blocks the sear but doesn't have as much contact area against the sear compared to the original becaused I botched the angle.

Is there a trick to filing the correct engagement angle on the safety tang that blocks the sear?

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I had the Wilson video that included fitting a regular thumb safety. Believe me, it is a delicate process of file/stone and trial fitting. If you remove a hair to much, the sear moves a little if the trigger is pulled with the safety on, setting up a dangerous situation. So, you then need a new part.

I would only trust this job to a really good gunsmith. A crappy one could mess it up and wouldn't even know.

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