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Where are the Hornady HAP Bullets?


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I have been searching for Hornady or Zero .356 125 grain bullets for 38 Super since January. If these companies are producing bullets, where are they going? Every night I check 8 - 12 websites and have never seen any in stock.

Just wondering when the last time anyone here bought any of these bullets?

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I bought some last year before all the panic buying started. Box of 500 .400 180 gr. HAP from Midway, and box of 500 .451 230 gr. HAP from Cabela's.

Midway just had some .400 200 gr. HAP less than a week ago, but it went pretty quickly.

Good luck on the hunt...I've been doing the same thing, trying to comb all my regular dealers for something. Check Montana Gold--they've had some .355 125 gr. .357SIG FMJ and JHP which you might be able to use.

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I have backorders at 5 places for 115 JHP xtps.....nothing. I know they have made two runs this last couple months, nothing, period. It is going into loaded ammo by the factory, nothing left to put out.

Thank god Zero came through for me.

Put your orders in and wait....


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