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650 problem

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I was having some issues with the priming system so I took off the shell plate and primmer system. I cleaned everything up and was about to check to see if I should lube the main shaft when I decided to cycle the mechnism by pulling down the handle,

I pull the handle all the way down then push it all the way back up, but it will not go all the way back up into the primer seating position. It seems like it was getting hung up on something at the 70 percent point. I could not see anything at all that it was getting hung up on. so I let off on the handle then I was able to push it into the top position. I have not put it bacj together yest becuase I am still having the same problem.

Any ideas what could be causing it to stop.



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the 650 gurus will be here shortly.

but in the mean time, get you a good light and go up and down slowly and dont force it.

you WILL figure it out.

good way to learn your press

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If you have the shell plate off the screw on the shaft is turned outwards blocking the motion.dont know the technical term but tighten that screw on shaft that holds shell plate

and you should be good

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