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new frame today to start build

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So I was over at Henning's house today and he had a couple of Limited frames out and i just happend to ask him if he would sell one and he agreed wow i now have a frame that has been worked by Henning himself. He has done a little work on it to relieve some areas. Now i need to find a limited or gold slide set up in 9mm if anyone has one

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The V8 is the compensated upper based on the long slide (4.75" barrel in non compensated pistols) with 8 ports in the barrel, on the current model (V12) the slide is a quarter inch shorter with 12 ports in the barrel.

The big complaint about the V12 is that it take so much powder to make major with all the holes. If I were to build a 9Major top end for a large frame Tango, I would start with a plain, standard length slide and a 6" barrel.

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