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S&W 57 prob

Mike And

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I need help from you revolver guys.

My problem is I have a S&W mod 57 (nodash) that seems to send jacket materal back at me.

First the timing seems prefect in both double and single action (filly locks before hammer falls or before the hammer latches in single)

Their was some cylinder shake so i replaced the cyl lock with an oversized one and its tight as a drum.

My cyl gap is ~4-5 thou

this never happened when using SWC @~ 1400 fps but I started loading JHP @~ 1600fps i started getting stuff shaving off. The bullets are 210 gr nosler over ~21 grns of H110

Any sugestions or should i send it back to S&W?


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Check the forcing cone for a build up of lead. Lewis Lead Remover kits usually have a tapered plug to use with their brass pad to clean out even the worst build up.

Can use an oversize brass brush and lots of Shooters Choice also.

Worst case you may need to have the Cone recut, but doubt it if it wasn't doing it with lead.

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If the forcing cone is the problem, one of the best things I ever did was recut the forcing cone with an 11 degree kit from Brownells. I did it on a 629 that was very accurate with JHPs but nothing to brag about with lead. Between the cone and lapping the bore it was like night and day.

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The cylinder may not be accurately lined up with the barrel even if it locks up tight. The way to check that is with a range rod. This is a steel plug that is a very close fit on the inside of the barrel. You slide it into the barrel but not the cylinder. Cock the gun single action or pull the trigger double action and hold it back. Then slide the range rod into the cylinder and see if it hits on the front edge of the hole or slides through cleanly. Brownell's has range rods. The forcing cone probably needs to be recut whether it lines up or not.

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