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Timer with external start and/or external start signal?


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I'm looking for a timer that has an external INPUT that accommodates a remote start switch. One example of its use could be a self-start stage where the shooter presses a button (like the Easy Button on 3 Gun Nation).

I'm also looking for a timer that has an external OUTPUT (e.g. relay closure) upon start. One example of its use could be a visual start signal (e.g. a green light instead of a beep).

Ideally an off-the-shelf timer is available with both the above features . I'd prefer not to have to buy a regular timer, open up the case and start hard-wiring to the circuit board unless I really have to. Any suggestions?

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The start button and buzzer are nothing more than a switch and speaker. You can simply tap into those circuits and do what you want with them. For example, I took a Pocket Pro timer and soldered in extra leads for an external switch. Then routed those leads to a small earphone jack that I mounted to the side of the timers case. That way I could use an ear phone jack to plug an external switch to it so the timer could be activated remotely. I used that setup to do a "Start Yourself" type of stage where the shooter had to push two buttons at once to start the timer then start shooting after that.

You could tap into the speaker circuit the same way but the external wiring would be more complex. To activate a solinoid or light you would need an externaly powered circuit that would be activated by a relay the speaker circuit would trigger. Anyone with an electrical engineering background would be able to whip up something really easy and in expensively using components from Radio Shack. Check with your local shooters, it would be hard to believe that there wouldnt be a local shooter or a local shooters family/friends that couldnt make an external circuit.

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