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You want Customer service....Here it is!


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So, I ordered Warren's kit for the Powerspeed holster for my new Revo Rig.......He asked me when I bought it if I needed instructions....

Nah I said. I should be able to figure it out...... :goof:

Fast forward last night......I couldn't for the life of me figure out which shims to use, and emailed him. He sent me his cell number. I call him on Friday night, and he is in the shop building Mover mounts for Bianchi Cup competitors. He walks me through what I need then asks me if I need anything else he offers........

Folks, buys with confidence from Warren, and know that he is as smart as a rocket scientist and is a truly nice guy.


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Thats fantastic to hear. Customer service is everything. It takes years to build and days to destroy, especially if the owner doesn't care anymore or they now feel that they are above everyone else. It's wonderful to hear about builders or smiths that still go that extra mile to be respectful of his or her clientele. Thank you so much for the post, hearing that, I'll be giving Warren my business too .

Best Regards,


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