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When you have 21 in it, can you compress the top round at all?

It's very difficult to get 21 reloadable into those mags. Like it was mentioned above, you can trim the spring but you could run into reliability problems. The Rescomp mag will do it pretty easily but with the right tuning, the mag you have could possibly be pushed for another round (reloadable). However, you risk reliability so I would just stick with 20. Besides, 99% of paper require 2 rounds so 20 rounds gives you 10 targets - that's a nice easy number.

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I just had this issue. I dropped a round and they worked fine. But I'm no A shooter so I reload normally when I have the most time (on the move for a couple of steps). I haven't come across a situation personally that I needed that 21st round and hurt myself bc I didn't have it.

Hate the fact that my friend with a tactical can run 21 just fine for whatever reason.

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