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No penalty mikes on scoresheets


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I'm assuming you're talking about a paper match. When running a paper match, I try not to re-invent the wheel when I don't have to. That is, I used the scoresheets that come out of ezwinscore when at all possible. There is no provision for a NPM on a given target. What seemed to work well, though, is just designate one of the targets lines as your disappearing target and simply mark a big X in the miss box. They can go ahead and write down the applicable NPM's in the x'ed out box (I encourage that actually) and it seemed to do well enough. For a more-formal Lvl2 or higher match, then of course I'd create a separate column for the NPM text box. If you didn't have separate scoresheets for each stage, then jcwren's first link to the combined scoresheet works well.

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