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RL 550b Crimp Issues

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I recently purchased some 124 9m RN plated (.355) bullets that crimp at .375-.376. I noticed the bullet is spinning in the case. I checked to see if I can push the bullet on the table and it seems ok. When I over crimp .365-.366 it still does the same thing. The bullet it self is .355 so I know that is okay.

I have the OAL set at 1.100 for my glock 34

Am I missing something on my set-up?

Thank for any input


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Tightening crimp can actually loosen the case neck tension on a bullet. .376 is about typical for a .355 bullet. What dies? What headstamp does this happen with or does it happen with multiple brands? I would first try reducing the bell. Then I would toss out offending brass if it's only one. If it's multiple brass then I would probably try LEE sizer or get a Udie.

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