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Dry fire drills


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Can't tell for sure because of the cam angle, but you appear to be fairly hunched over. Also, there's a good amount of head bobbin--n-weavin in the first clip.

ETA: see if you can get a camera angle from the left/right that shows most of your torso instead of looking up at you from so close to the floor. You don't need to see the blankie catching the mags :devil:

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It looks like you are dry firing to a "Click" of the hammer drop and nothing more. That is a very bad habit if you are. Its really easy to get sucked into dry firing to a "Click" of the hammer dropping when dry firing because there is no consequence of missing the target you are aiming at. You need to break the shot when you have a solid sight picture, not mash the trigger and make it go "Click" when the gun is slung out in front of you.

Secondly you need to follow through with the shot after it breaks. If you dry fire a bunch where you immediately pull the gun back after breaking the shot, you will replicate that bad habit when you shoot for real. The other thing to consider is that 99% of the time when we are engaging a target it is done with multiple shots, not a single shot. So its more practical to dry fire breaking two or more shots at the same target instead of just one.

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