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Montana Gold CMJ vs. FMJ accuracy differences


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I have been shooting with MG CMJ 124gr bullets for quite a few months now and they are great...

Since Montana Gold is having such a shortage, I asked them to ship me whatever came in first..FMJ or CMJ....they sent FMJ's this time...

I just loaded up 15 of each and headed to the indoor range to see if I noticed the difference in accuracy...

I set the target at 25 feet for this test..

I ran 5 of each with my elbows resting on a bench

I then ran 5 of each in my normal stance and shot them within 20 seconds

I then ran 5 of each in my normal stance and shot them within 5 seconds

I took notes and scored each stage, and the CMJ's were much more accurate than the FMJ's in all the stages..... am I imagining this or what??

I used 4.1 gr. of Titegroup on all of the loads and used the same brand of brass..

Is there any sense as to my tests tonight, or are the CMJ's more accurate because of the way they are balanced coming out of the barrel??

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JHP's tend to be the most accurate due to the uniform base. The base is more important than the nose for accuracy. CMJ's from montana gold have a piece of metal stuck on the base as an after thought and I have found accuracy to be terrible in my testing at 50 yards when compared to Montana Gold JHP's in the same weight. Group sizes were double for the CMJ's. Standard FMJ's tended to be better than the CMJ's but not as good as the JHP's.


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My experiences parallel AlaskaPopo's for the most part.

I would rank them in this order for both the 115 and 124 grain bullets - (group sizes are generalized, but consistant out of two different guns) MG JHPs (impressively accurate, <1" at 20 yd. Many groups under 3/4"), followed by FMJs (good accuracy, <2" at 20 yd.), ), followed by CMJs (so-so accuracy, <3" at 20 yd.). I've tried this with several powders (HS-6, AA7, 4756, and N350) and while the group size might vary this always seems to be the order these bullets fall in terms of accuracy.

Having said that, I would use any of the MG bullets as they are all good for shooting our game.

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This also to large degree depends on the gun. I had guns that produced about the same accuracy, and then I had one which plain refused to group CMJ's - the groups were ridiculously large... but it is very accurate with JHP's.

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