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Shooting the M1A in Competition


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I have an M1A that I'd like to use in competition this year. The one thing I don't really like about the M1A is that is wasn't originally configured for optics. I have a wooden stock on my rifle so I'd either need to purchase a synthetic stock and install a cheek riser or take the scope off entirely and compete with iron sights.

Does anyone out there have experience with this rifle and have some insights or preferences on how to run this rifle in multi-gun?

If I want to shoot with a scope, what's the best stock to run?

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Pat Kelly, Bryan Ray and Kurt Miller are the most well known M1A shooters in 3 gun, that I'm aware of. All of them shot iron sights. I shot my M1A at last year's He Man match. My rifle has an E2 stock on it. Over the winter I picked up a mount from M14.ca. It replaces the rear sight, and is the most solid mount short of an LRB M25 reciever with a built in system to mount a rail rather than the bolt on mounts on the side. I've been using it for ammo testing and to see how good the mount retains zero. A kydex cheekpiece that's attached with sticky velcro gives a reliable cheek weld.

I'm sure the 3 folks I mentioned will chime in.

Search for M1A in the rifle forum, I have a photo of my E2 stocked M1A and a standard stocked version.

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@Dan: Thanks for the link! I guess I could just try iron sights to see if I like it. I definitely appreciate the information about the m14.ca mount. That mount looks very very interesting.

If I'm not mistaken it looks lighter than the traditional SA mount and it also looks like it sits a lot lower. Are both of those assumptions accurate?

@mdschappell: Thanks for the info! I'm definitely open to all options.

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You might pick up a forward mount like on the Springfield Scout Squad rifle and use a red dot type scope.

I shot my scout squad and used a 1x7 Burris EEX eye relief pistol scope on it a few years. Good set up, but you have to be perfectly centered on the scope to see through it after about 3x. (wouldn't use anything but a Burris either, as they are the toughest and have a lifetime warranty. MADE IN USA)

I, like Kurt now go Iron sights and thin the front blade down to where there is not a problem seeing LaRue and MGM targets at 400 yds.


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