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ICORE's New NW territory, and re-mapping.

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For those who are facebook-less, this is from the Official ICORE page on Facebook.

News from tonight's Board of Directors meeting: ICORE has formed a new Northwest Region, I will give details when I get the definitive map. The state of Kansas has been moved to the Mid West Region. There will be an in-region Mid West Regional in 2014. We will need a Regional Rep from the MW for next year.

Then a short while after

The new North West Region of ICORE consists of Washington, Oregon, Nevada except the Southern tip, and Northern California above Santa Barbara.

Also would include Alaska. This will be clearer when the graphics are done and posted to the web page.

Then finally a clarification on the boundry making sure to leave Morro Bay in the SW.

Chris Sallee: To be precise, the line dividing CA is over Santa Cruz under the bay area. The Hogue Range will still be in the SW Region.

I am glad to see the Midwest willing to put on a match in the Mid-West. This puts Falon NV. in the new NW gives clubs including Stillwater to continue hositng 80 person regionals. The 2013 Mid-west be the final West Coast MW regional, I am excited to have a final opertunity to take a 1st "B" limited Mid-West Trophy home while I still can. One can only dream right.

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