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.303 Savage - NOT .303 British...


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Local gunshop got in a lever .303 in SAVAGE. Yup, Savage!

Don't know if it's a '94 or '99 - how can I tell?

Old hand-soiled stock w/ Schnable (sp?) forend.

1/2 round, 26" barrel.

I want this gun but where can I get brass? ...factory loads? ...anything!

If anyone knows anything about it please let me know. I Googled it but need some serious direction.

Thank you.

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There are one or two companies loading 303 Savage at the moment, so ammo and brass are readily available for the first time in a long time.

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"T Bacus" - thanks for the site. I bookmarked it & going back to really play around.

"cas"- yeah including Hornady & because it's obsolete, it's available & about $1.50 / rd ... in today's world, not that bad & after I get a few boxes I'll have the brass.

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savage rifles were the model 99, I wouldnt expect a winchester model 94 to be chambered in 303 savage. As the round was only a bit better than the 30/30 and factory ammo was loaded with pointed military style ammo. Something not safe to use in a Winchester tube magazine.

Basically its a .308 version of the .311 303 brittish round, supposedly the brass is similar enough you can form 303 savage from 303 british, no idea how many steps are involved.

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