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Reloading .357 SIG


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My brother inlaw purchased an XD in .357 SIG and I offered to reload his brass for him. He has 1500, 158 gr projectiles for .357 magnum. that he wants me to use. I told him that that his bullets are .357 diameter and that .357 SIG bullets are .355 diameter and that they would not work. He insists that they should be ok.

Could someone settle this for us. I do not want to do anything that might be dangerous.

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REALLY a BAD idea! Also, they are too heavy/long to work in the 357 SIG. The caliber is named that because of ballistics, not the true caliber/bullet diameter. It fires a 125gr bullet at ~1450 fps from a 5" bbl, the equivalent to a .357 Magnum for bullet weight & velocity, but the bullet is .355/.356 diameter.

Be careful of setting the shoulder back just the right amount too. That is a tricky caliber to load for because of that alone. Very similar to loading a centerfire bottleneck rifle case in that respect with the exception of neck expanding that you don't do on rifles.


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