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anyone ever seen a military rimless 38 super


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Found a few of these in range pick-up brass I just processed which came from recent local matches. At first I thought there was a rock in in the case or something as it stopped the press dead and nearly broke a decap pin. Took a magnifier to it and had to do a double take when I saw the snake eyed berdan primer holes in what I thought was a .38 super. Found a few more in that batch. (if somebody collects these let me know and I'll mail you a couple!).

I think with this ammo and component shortage folks are running what they got and/or using up their crappy stuff first. I also found 25 or so RP nickel cases that were obviously way over pressured - cases split on several, and primers so flat it was hard to tell where the primer stopped and the case head started. Looks like they were making major with WW231 or something that fast.

So, I'm taking a little more time these days and looking closer at range pickup brass.

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What do the primers look like on them? I use them for practice ammo out of my 38 Super, which works ok if the OAL is adjusted with a 38 Super die. I can fire them as is, but sometimes the cartridges will jam the magazine because they're too long. They'll sometimes shortstroke the slide as well if left long. They have a 127Gr FMJ that produces 1200-1250FPS out of my 4.5 inch barrel, so pretty much the same as factory loaded ammo. At 18 cents a round, works for me.

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