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Just wanted to say thanks and have a question


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I've been doing my studying on what load I needed for 45. Loaded tons of every other caliber 40. 9, super comp, 38 sp. etc etc. for years but I never owned a 45 till now.

Just wanted to say that the clays load ( I started with 3.7 and will chrono tommorow) shoots softer than I could imagine. All the info has been great. I just went to my 1050 set my powder , set my length to 1.250 and my crimp and they fed and shot perfectly in my kimber.

I have a question though. The powder funnel contacts the shell plate and almost half cycles the powder bar( doesn't dump powder though) when there is no case. I threw the charge and weighed it and it weighed a full .3 tenths more. Weighs on the money when there is a case though. Is this normal? The bell is minimal just enough not to shave lead so everything is set right for what i have. Someone was saying that I might try the extra small powder bar and see if it helps. They say also that the 45 powder funnels are all the same? This just doesn't seem right to me. I've never had this problem in other calibers before.

Thanks Joe.

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Are you using the "E" powder funnel? Is it flaring/belling the case properly or is the swage rod doing the expanding/flaring?

If you are running the swage rod, you can use a "universal" powder funnel that only flares the case (or only activates the powder measure without flaring.

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