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Spartanburg is ON tomorrow


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For those of you who shoot this match you know exactly what I'm talking about.

For everyone else...This is a great local match that shoots twice a month and apparently it only rains on 1st and 4th Saturdays this spring. We've been rained out for the last two months.

This is 2 of my 5 local matches per month and has not been available. Time to dry fire tonight and make sure I still know how to draw.

Spartanburg SC

Sunny High 63

0% chance of rain!!

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4th Saturday of the month. Time for more rain. :(

Could be worse, you could have agreed to build a stage for this weekend, like I did.

Let's try the power of positive thought:

It's not going to rain.....it's not going to rain....It's...Oh hell....It's going to rain like a Mo-Fo...AGAIN!

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Weathermen are almost always wrong. If you take into consideration that they got the forecast pretty much correct last weekend for the Area 6 match, there's no way they will get it correct two weekends in a row.

I predict it rains tonight, tapers off for us to shoot tomorrow, and it starts raining after we leave the range.

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