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Swapping Glock 23 and M&P9 striker springs.


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Howdy. It seems that every time I search for something technical about the M&P, I end up here so I figured this was a good place to be.

Being one that can't leave good enough alone, I went to town on my M&P trigger and was really happy. Smooth and light until I got into some hard primers which resulted in light strikes. While researching extra power springs, I came across a recommendation to use stock glock striker springs. Since I have a glock 23 as well that could use a lighter striker spring... Success... They both now pass the pencil launching test (until my only pencil developed a firing pin sized hole in the eraser) but I wonder if anyone else can comment on the long term reliability of this setup...

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Well while you seem to get the desired end result, I am very uncertain of the final outcome. While a spring is a spring I would take the gun to a Glock Armor or a qualified gunsmith and just get them to do a safety sign off.

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