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Trouble with Timing for the Hornady LNL Press

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You need to slightly adjust your indexing pawls. It takes some practice, but after a few minutes you will have it figured out. The pawls do move (unless you loctite the screws), so periodically check the timing.

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I believe its on the Hornady DVD and their Youtube site.

If you look at the pawls on bottom you will see one is touching and preventing

the complete cycle .

I think you will have to turn that one in about a half turn

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mine drove me crazy, same issue followed the dvd ,called hornady 50 times, i did what they said! then i got the one guy at hornady. i used the hornady dry lube and cleaner, sprayed

all the moving parts several times and let it dry completely.no issues since. i have been using the hornady dry lube for just about everything for many years. in this case i just did not use enough.

just a suggestion.

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