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Flat trigger install issues

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so....still an issue.

pre/post travel are both present...more than I want there, but I did it to ensure that it is NOT my issue.

rack slide, no finger on trigger, let the slide slam forward = hammer goes to half cock

rack slide, no finger on trigger, let slide forward easily = hammer stays at full cock

dry fire, rack slide, finger remains on trigger = hammer stays at full cock and trigger resets perfectly

rack slide, finger BEHIND trigger holding it forward, slam slide = hammer stays at full cock

I'm not sure what the deal here is. I haven't gotten a chance to shoot the gun yet, not sure when I will...but with this issue, I'd rather fix it before bothering to bring this gun to the range with me...as I haev a lot of others i'm working on right now.

I've sharpened the sear angles, polished everything up, have some pre/post travel.......what else can I try???

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