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RFI-Texan FW shotshell reloader


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Request For Information on a Texan FW reloader. I got this from a trade and curious to get into shotshell reloading, i have done a web search and this seems to be an older reloader and the company no longer exist. Does anyone have experience with this reloader? Looking for a manual but the closes one that is similar to a MEC 600jr. Appreciate any advise if this is worth to revive. I know very little about shotshell reloading.

Thank you.

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If it is like the Mec's, then there should be a powder/birdshot bar like this:


and then you'll need to have bushings for the powder. Basically they are just little metal cylinders drilled axially through their centers. The larger the drilled hole, the larger the powder drop.

I really haven't reloaded all that much shotgun, but it is my understanding that it is nice to have a built in collet that resizes the brass part of the shell. If you are going to use that press, that would be something to look for. Supposedly, without the collet your shells will run fine in an over/under, but may make a semi-auto choke.

If you haven't already looked there is a seperate reloading section on the shotgun world forums.


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Chills is correct in that the Collet type resizers are nice to have.

However, the first die in station one on the MEC 600 Jr sizes great. I do not know if the Texan single stages are set up that way or not. You may want to look for a Texan manual at Steve's Pages. Or just try a Empty shell in your press out. And then see if it drops freely into your chamber. This experiment will only be successful if the shell was fired from a different gun than what you test.

If the test fails, then Chills has provided you a source to by a MEC SuperSizer which works very well

Good Luck.

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