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550 primer bar sticking

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My 550 has been acting up lately. The primer bar is not reliably picking up a new primer. It's moving back and forth just fine, just not far enough. I've tried cleaning it, replacing the primer tube tip, bending the steel rod more, and just about everything else I can think of. When I clean it, it works for maybe 100 rounds. I've had to resort to manually pulling the primer bar.

Any suggestions?

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Try replacing the steel rod rather than bending it. It is a spring, and has to be replaced after so much use. Even if you bend it back to shape, it will eventually give to much against the tension of the opposing primer bar return spring to allow the primer bar to go out far enough to grab a primer.

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My standard littering...

550 Priming Assembly Adjustment Notes:

  • Thoroughly polish frame, wherever priming slide touches it, with green Scotch Brite. (Approx. every 3000 rounds)
  • Wipe off Primer Slide with solvent or alcohol. Leave it all dry.
  • At rest primer slide adjustment: Set so that one primer, dropped down the tube, goes all the way into the Primer Seating Cup, 10 times in a row.
  • Angle of Primer Slide Operating Rod (13869) - Release rod from rollers and swivel it 180º so it's pointing straight up - it should be parallel with the Primer Housing Shield, or maybe outward "a little"; it should not be "inward" at all.
  • Be sure both screws (14530) that tighten Roller Bracket Shell Platform (14280) from bottom (to the Shellplate Platform) are tight!
  • Make sure Priming Seating Punch Assembly is fully bottomed out before tightening screw (13996): Measured from bottom of Primer Slide (13920) to top of seated Primer Seating Cup (13284/5), dimension should be between 2.125 - 2.220 inches.
  • Be sure Priming Operating Rod Bracket (13887) is adjusted so it's within a few thousands of an inch from the top of frame/Toplhead.
  • Be sure the plastic tips of all your Primer Pickup Tubes and the plastic tip on the bottom of the Priming Magazine are seated fully against the tubes.
  • Grease the short end of the op-rod where it inserts into the bracket clamped around the primer shield.

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