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M&P 9 FS loads please


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The only way I could get decent groups was with 147's. I shoot MB lead cone 147. It was very interesting working up the load. I made several .1/10th of a grain different loads from low to high velocity. I loaded 20 each of VV320 and shot 5 over a chrony and 15 at a 2 inch circle at 10 yards slow freestyle. Very interesting. Groups at low velocity started out poor and with each increase in powder visibly shrank with every 1/10 grain increase in powder up to a point. Then the group began to open up with every increase in powder. I don't shoot for group size but I went from about 2 out of 6 on an USPSA target at 40 yards to all A's at 40 yards. Again slow fire freestyle with called misses. FS M&P with stock barrel 147's VV320. The 2 on paper was with 125's by the way.

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