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What scoring software is available for IDPA


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practiscore has a program.

This. It operates on mobile devices only but versions for iOS and Android both support IDPA scoring. We use it on networked Google Tablets to score in real time. Results are avaiable momemts after the last shot fired. Registration is pretty easy to handle once you have run a few matches and have built up your shooter database.

If you are looking for something on a PC that you input data into as a batch there a number of spreadsheets avaiable - they are not hard to develop.

There is also IDPA support in SSI's shootnscoreit. It also works well but it requires each shooter to have a free account on the SSI web page and to preregister for a match. Not a good thing for club matches IMHO.

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Please check out www.UberScoreMaster.com a new powerful IDPA rapid scoring, publishing and match management software. It has after-match and real-time scoring capabilities, online match signup, Excel reporting, uploads to IDPA website, charts, graphs, emailing and texting of results, barcode support and much more.


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We have been running Practiscore at several local matches for at least the last year with great results on Apple devices. Easy to use, fast to setup, syncs with other devices easily and quickly and score are done within minutes of the last shot fired. It was used at the Easton Beast of the East match last year with a paper back up. From the staff perspective it worked great, some of the shooters were not thrilled but was more due to the format of the paper backup.

My biggest advantage to Practiscore is you can use it for USPSA without much work and you can create custom formats by time plus or time plus w/ points. I haven't set it up yet, but it should setup for Steel Challenge pretty easy too.

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We've been heavily testing the Uberscoremaster software both on iPhones, iPads and normal computer access and it's working quite well at this time.

Having the match scoring finished about one minute after the last shooter handed his scoresheet over impressed a lot of my guys.

I run it on an iPad while my "scoring stunt double" uses some type of iPhone and they appear to work seamlessly together.

Well worth taking a look if Beach Bunny falls by the wayside.


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